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Our Windows app just got better: all-new sleek look, quick response, and more... See New Features

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Version 4.1.2 Compatibility: Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7 and 8.

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All the power of MICA is now available on iPad! Sketch, Electronic Signature, Equipment Placement, Pictures, Notes, and more...

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Highlights of MICA 4 New Features

Program Management for your team.

Managing programs just got easier. NEW, in MICA 4, you can make Work Authorizations required by carrier and upload reference documents (program guidelines, licensing documents, MSDS Sheets, and more...) so that you have them on hand, in the field. Electronic Signature is easy to use... click to sign and email a copy to the customer.

MICA Electronic Signature

MICA Moisture Map

Moisture Map just got better. Try it!

ALL-NEW Features include: One page entry, create moisture points at any time with or without a visual (sketched) floor plan, place moisture points at any time, copy and paste them, move them from wall-to-wall, and set default settings for height, Dry EMC, and more... Access to the ceiling, floor, and walls for placement, and an option for entering readings if there's not a visual (sketched) floor plan.

Floor Plan, is optional. That's right!

Start entering room data manually using Floor Plan Definitions (give the room a name and enter the dimensions) or create a visual Floor Plan (sketch) with our easy-to-use Floor Plan tool! Either way, you can work in MICA! Are you required to do the sketch somewhere else? Then define the rooms in MICA and sketch elsewhere... Need a sketching tool? We've got that too! We're flexible. MICA is designed for all types of businesses.

MICA Floor Plan

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