MICA Training Opportunities

Multiple Platforms | Multiple Ways to Get Trained

Online Web Training

We offer live group training sessions via online web sessions, for free. You can sign up for an upcoming training session using our training Registration Calendar. If you are part of a Network, please contact us using our Support Center (We may have a calendar dedicated to training individuals from your Network).

Online Videos & Tutorials

We offer videos and tutorials online, they are located under "Help Files" in the main menu after logging into the MICA Exchange online portal at http://www.micaexchange.com/micaweb/.

Individual Training Sessions

We offer live training sessions online for individual people and companies via web sessions on a per-request basis, for a fee. We also offer in-person training for a fee. If you are interested in these types of opportunities, please contact us using our Support Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I enter readings in MICA?

Enter moisture readings and psychrometric readings in the app, not on the web. The web is where you review information and create your report. All readings and data entry are done in the app. Click Here to download MICA

Where do I create the MICA report?

The report is created on the web, after you've exported all information from the app to the web. Login on the web at http://www.micaexchange.com/micaweb/ and click on the loss, if it has been exported recently it will be on the home screen right when you login. Otherwise, you can locate your loss by searching for it (go to "Search" in the main menu and enter the Customer's Name in the "Owner Name" field and press "search". Click on the loss to open it. On the right hand side there is a link for "Mitigation Report", click on that and press "Create Document" on the screen that pops up to create the report.

I need more logins. How do I create new users?

Login on the web at http://www.micaexchange.com/micaweb/ using the login credentials that you currently have (for some one in your company). Go to Administrative Tasks - User Management and click on "Create New User". Put in the username (they will use to login), create a password for them, put in their First/Last Name, phone number, and email address... then click "save". Once the user has been created, click on "View/Set Permissions" for that user and assign them a role (such as "Admin" or "Technician"), that will allow them to login. They are now setup in the system.

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